5 Reasons Why Searh Engine Rankings Plays A Huge Part In Seo

search engine rankingsOwing to the era of technological revolution and an increase in the use of the World Wide Web across the globe, the increase number of businesses understand and are adapting to the new business definitions. How to improve search engine rankings is the ultimate question. The new business definitions now requires businesess to have a very keen eye on the way their business can grow not only in the traditional brick and mortar manner but also in a virtual manners. Because of the increase in the importance that being ‘online’ now has on the growth prospects of any business more and more companies are setting up their own websites where they can address the queries of their customers first hand. Not only this, there has been an immense increase in the number of establishments that have only a virtual presence, such as many ecommerce sites.

While a few years ago having an online presence would have done the job of attracting new customers very well, it is not so anymore. With an increase realization of the importance of online world, almost all companies now have a page of their own. In such a situation in order to be more visible, it becomes important to take steps that can help a company feature in the top search result. This is explained by a term called search engine optimization. In other words, search engine optimization or SEO is the process that goes into moving a webpage to a higher number in the search engine rankings results. During the search engine usage, a web page that has a highest search engine ranking will feature at the top of the search results. This makes it obvious that for any company it is imperative to improve search engine ranking outcome. Well if you are wondering as to how to increase the search engine ranking, to your satisfaction there are numerous search engine rankings tool that can be put to use in accomplishing the same. Using these tools you can check the search engine rankings and rest assured that your site features among the top search product.

You may wonder as to why search engine rankings plays such an important role in search engine optimization. The following 5 reasons will give you an exact idea of why this is so.

1. Visibility

Having a higher search engine rankings would mean that your webpage will show up in the search engine outcome every time anyone puts any related key words in the search box. This will improve your site to be much more visible. More and more people will be able to see, remember and share your website’s address which will result in much high awareness about your site.

2. High Traffic

A web page that features at the top in the search engine rankings result is more likely to attract people to click on the link. This will improve youtr webpage and bring higher traffic. High traffic means that there is a large audience hence a potential customer base for your company. This is in contrast with the sites that do not feature top in search engine rankings result, since it is highly unlikely that people will overlook the first few search results and click on later results. As a matter of fact the web fea pageturing in the top in the search outcome is likely to receive more than 40% of the click through traffic.

3. Marketing Advantage

Being able to acquire the top spot in the search engine rankings result can come as a marketing advantage. While all your marketing efforts are a different side of the coin, search engine ranking is a different one. This is because seeing a page at the top of search results, immediately makes people more comfortable dealing with the organization. They somehow feel more assured about the authenticity of the organization and its products not only does it improve your reputation it speaks something about your business.

4. Impact On Buying Decisions

SEO can immensely impact the buying decisions of the customers. In today’s era of technology and internet almost all purchases are precede by an online search. For a potential customer seeing an organization’s name pop up first in the search outcome makes a huge impact. They are most likely to try out your organization’s products and services. To increase your site’s potential, you must maintain in the top rank and improve your site’s image.

5. Impact On Company’s Position

Given the way in which all the above mentioned factors works because of the search engine rankings are comfortable to say that a company’s position in the market too can be affected by the search engine rankings. Since the search engine ranking affects not only the visibility and an increase in traffic to a company’s webpage but also buying decisions and marketing edge of the organization, a company can quickly gain or lose its market position owing to changes in the search engine rankings thus it is important to constantly check search engine rankings every now and then.

Hence in the light of all of the above information it becomes safe to conclude that search engine rankings has a huge impact on search engine optimization. Ergo in order to maintain a good SEO and hence company image, it is needed to increase efforts are made to improve the search engine rankings. Investing in such an area will improve an organization’s result which will last for a long period of time. How to increase search engine rankings would still be dependent on how you manipulate your strategy.